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Monday, November 10, 2008
Make Extra Money for this Christmas & New Year

Yup, that's right.. Christmas is the time of giving, a time of Joy and a time of Presents. But looking at the economic situation, it does not really look that bright does it. In these times of uncertainties, a lot of people are worried about job continuity, retrenchments, VSS and pay cuts. No point denying this fact. But for those of us who are not worried for our jobs, there is still the issue of shrinking or fixed income over expanding expenses. So, how does one go about earning extra money to cover these extra holiday expenses?

If you were to look around for answers to this question, most of them will involve selling of some sort, whether it is selling on eBay, onLine or over the counter. When I went to Yahoo Answers with this question, some suggestions were like "Go shovel Snow to earn extra bucks", "Find an extra job until then to earn some additional money", "Do chores for people". I think I still like the part about selling but whether it is selling on eBay or onLine or over the counter, you will still have to have something to sell, be it a product or a service.

If it is products you are selling, you'd have to make sure that it is a product which is in high demand and of good quality. You would not want as many people returning the products as they are buying them would you? As for services, and if you are the one rendering it, you have to make sure that you have the time to deliver these services to meet the demand.

Well, I am lucky as I have both of these products and services in abundance and if you are wanting to find out how you can make the extra money for the Christmas shopping and also the New Year to, drop me a line at my email address ( And the best part of it? It is a no money down on your end. Interested? Take Action Then. Rewards go to those who Act!



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