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Thursday, October 30, 2008
Start Creating A Financial Safety Net NOW!
It was reported in last week's MSN news that Asia's poor are still oblivious to the global crisis. The interview was extracted from MSN News dated October 23rd 2008.

"I have no idea about what's happening," said Firman, one of the army of cleaners who service the bustling exchange, as he swept the marble lobby and emptied standing ashtrays outside the trading floor.

The 28-year-old who earns 30,000 rupiah (three dollars) a day rubs shoulders with some of the elite of Jakarta's business world, but he doesn't know them and he doesn't care very much for what they do.

"I'm just an ordinary man, I don't understand their business," he shrugged. "It makes no difference to me," he said. "Everything is just as difficult as before." "It's difficult as I haven't had a salary rise despite the fuel price hike. It used to be enough to feed my family but with the fuel hike it's very tight," the father-of-two said. "Poor people like me need to be smart to manage our limited money. If we cannot eat tempeh (soybean cake) we eat only rice and vegetables," he said. "I don't have other skills but I do have the spirit to work hard to raise my family as far as it doesn't harm people," he said.

The working class however are aware of this economic spiral downwards but are trying to ignore the fact because by not acknowledging it, they are hoping the problem will just fade away. But how to ignore the fact when every day, we read about the global downturn in the various medias, we hear the radio reports on what Governments are trying to do. I just heard it over the 1pm news that our Government is studying the possibility of a retrenchment fund. In fact, when I checked on the internet, the report on this was already reported in The Star daily on Tuesday, the 14th of October 2008.

Abdullah Sani (PKR-Kuala Langat) said however that the fund needed to be executed immediately especially in light of what was happening in the global economy now.

“Whenever there is an economic downturn, the victims are the workers. I believe thousands of factory workers will lose their jobs during this downturn,” he said.

It was mentioned that the factory workers will be affected. But I seriously do not think that it is just blue collared workers who will be affected. It will be all levels of the working community.

The only group of people who are likely not to be affected will be the wealthy and the successful. In fact, i think that some if not many of them will look at the situation as an opportunity to further extend their wealth. Those who have read Robert Kiyosaki's books will surely understand how the wealth generation fundamentals work.

So, unless you are in the rich and wealthy group, it is not too soon to wake up from our slumber and move out of our comfort zone. It is not too late to start creating your financial safety net, if you have not done so already. Do not wait until you are falling before you start "weaving" this net. Do it now. No idea what to do? Then watch this space.

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Secure Your Financial Strength..... - Brian Tracy

I have finally found the information regarding the Seminar by Brian Tracy. It was announced several times on the radio this morning and the website that they referred to was If I am not mistaken, Chan Fong is the famous 988 FM's radio DJ?

Only problem for me is that I cannot read Chinese but it is enough to know that the Ticket Price to watch this successful self-development guru Brian Tracy is RM350. Probably worth every minute of it.. but even if I missed this one, I will listen to him at the Learning Channel.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Create Your Wealth with Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a name one associates with success and wealth and the best thing is ... he is on town to help you achieve your goal for success and wealth. Brian has consulted more than 1,000 companies and has addressed more than 4 million people across the world. He has authored over 45 books which have been translated into dozens of languages. He has a free eBook entitled "Million Dollar Habits" at his site Brian Tracy International.

According to Brian's Seminar Schedule and Event Calender, he will be in Kuala Lumpur on the 2nd of November and if I am not mistaken, his seminar should be at the KL convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur. I actually heard it over the radio but I could not find it on the web. If there is anybody with the latest information as to whereabouts the venue will be, please let us know.

The video below is taken from YouTube where Brian Tracy was speaking about the Powerful Success Secrets to Get Goals Faster!

If you like what you saw here, you can also download a free Brian Tracy Video here

At the SkyQuestCom Learning Channel, you will get to watch and listen to 2 recordings by Brian entitled "Winning Psychology of Selling (video)" and "Superstar Selling (audio only)".

At SkyQuestCom Learning Channel, Brian Tracy is one of the many successful speakers there. There are others like Robert Kiyosaki, Joe Girard, Jay Abraham and many many more. If you are interested to have a look at who else is available, please click here.

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Monday, October 27, 2008
Understanding the Financial Crisis
Today is the Deepavali Holiday and it has been a great day of relaxation for me. I spent it moping around the house watching a bit of television and also some surfing on the internet. As I signed on to one of the messengers today, I recall reading a short article that flashes up each time that many people in Asia, especially those people on the streets are not totally aware of the impact of the economic crisis that is hitting the US and also about to hit the rest of the world. I supposed that sometimes, people (especially Chinese Asians) don't like to talk about these things (similarly as with death) with perhaps the hope that if you don't talk about it, it might just go away...hopefully.

Well, my friend Fishman posted a video from YouTube at his blog which explains the Financial Crisis. Do pop in and have a look. I went into YouTube and found another few cute ones which depicted the important and serious implications of a financial crisis in a totally different light (quite silly but funny). Well, this might just do the trick in educating the masses that the Financial Crisis is not an impending doom.... it is a doom that has arrived :(. This is just but one of them :D

This is "My Attempt to Explain the Financial Crisis" by DontDropTheSoup.

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Make Money Whilst You Are Already Making Money
Making Money whilst you are already making money?

Wow, wasn't that title a mouthful? I had some problem typing it too. Well, as we all know, the economy right now could be better. Why not make hay whilst the sun is still shining? At the moment, many of us have not yet felt the repercussions of the economy's downturn. Hence, most of us still have a job. But the million dollar question is For How Long?

It is about being proactive rather than reactive. I would think that when you have a job, the situation is less stressing and you can still have time to plan and strategize but at the same time start to work at getting extra income or a secondary source of income. However, if you are already out of a job, that is when things become more desperate and that feeling of desperation can be felt by others a mile away.

I found a cute little video on YouTube to share with you... just to lighten this mood a bit.. as it is just past midnite and the start of a new day already. As the Chinese saying goes... Ming Tien Ken How.. Tomorrow will be Better!

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Saturday, October 25, 2008
Kissing Some Frogs and Swallowing Some Goldfishes
There are a lot of things people have to do to get what they one. Remember the story where the princess had to kiss a frog to get her prince? How many of us in life would be willing to kiss frogs to find their prices? I know I might.

I was listening to this motivational speaker the other day and he was relating a story where he wanted so badly to join a fraternity group in his college but in order to pass the "test" to be accepted in the group, he had to swallowed a gold fish. He found out that all the existing members of the group have all swallowed gold fishes. And because of his desire to be in that group, he went along and swallowed one.

In life, there are some things that we want so much that we are willing to do all it takes to get it. Like for me, I want so much to gain financial freedom that i had to come out of my comfort zone. I am not exactly a very extroverted type of person. I would prefer to stay at home and spend the entire day in the kitchen. But I had to force myself to leave the house, to meet people. Over time, this became easier.

Today, I see it very clearly. To get what you want or desire, you do have to kiss some frogs and to swallow some gold fish. This blog was started as an exercise at a class I was attending called "How to Blog and Earn Money". The class was conducted by two cutie called Chin and Chun. Mind you, these two chaps looked like they just walked out of those male model magazines. Haha.. that aside, I did learn a couple of things from them, despite the fact that I have been blogging for a year now.

So, I am going to keep this blog but it will be slightly different from the other SuccessthruLearning blog which is really "stuff shirt" like. This is more the fun type of blog, to share ideas on ways to make a little money. So, do come back often yeah!

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